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Charming Spanish-style homes and friendly residents surrounded.


Charming Spanish-style homes and friendly residents surrounded by a hip avenue of great food, art, and more! This 1926 subdivision consists of 115 acres overlooking Mission Valley. The original homes and the quiet, winding streets and the Spanish tiled cottage style homes with their immaculate lawns also make the neighborhood stand out.  Its picturesque! It's a peaceful pocket amid the hubbub of the inner city. I have bought and sold for my clients on numerous occasions in this wonderful area. All have been pleased! There's a tiny business district along the single main artery, Adams Ave.

​​​​​​​Some great restaurants to check out:

Ken Cinema, Kensington Café, Zen Sanctuary, Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant, Pappalecco, Cucina Sorella, Village Vino, Niche. OH, and Burger Lounge!


Bobby continually empowers clients throughout each transaction process no matter if it’s a single-family home or determining the return on investment for a large, commercial space.

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